District Policy Manual

1000 Series-Board of Trustees

Continuity of the Board

1000 Legal Status and Operation

1010 Organization and Classification

School Board Elections

1100 Membership

1110 Elections

1110P Candidate Edification

1120 Taking Office

1120P Oath of Office

1130 Resignation

1140 Vacancies

Organization and Government of the Board

1200 Annual Organization Meeting

1205 School Board Powers and Duties

1210 Qualifications, Terms and Duties of Board Officers

1220 Clerk

1230 Duties of the Treasurer

1240 Duties of Individual Trustees

1250 Committees

1260 Authorization of Signatures


1300 District Policy

1310 Administrative Procedures

1313 Conflicting Policies and Procedures

1315 Strategic Planning

1320 Management Rights

Principals of Operations

1400 Board/Staff Communications

1405 School Board Use of Email and Social Media

1410 Board/Superintendent Relationship

1420 Trustee Expenses

1430 Trustee Insurance

1440 Board Participation in Activities

Board Meetings and Board Meeting Procedures

1500 Board Meetings

1500P Board Meeting Procedure

1520 Public Participation in Board Meeting

1520FA1 Request to Appear Before the Board

1520FA2 Request to Appear Before the Board

1525 Board Meeting News Coverage

1530 Records Available to Public

1530F District Record Request Form

Board Ethics, Growth and Development

1600 Code of Ethics for School Board Members

1610 Conflict of Interest

1615 Trustee Spouse Employment

1620 Board Goals and Objectives

1630 Evaluation of Board

1640 Inservice Conference for Trustees

1645 Board Development Opportunities

1650 New Board Member Workshop

2000 Series-Instruction

2000 Goals


2100 Curriculum Development and Assessment

2110 Lesson Plan

2120 Program Evaluation and Diagnostic Tests

2130 Research Studies

2140 Student and Family Privacy Rights

2140F Student and Family Privacy Rights – Consent Form

2150 Copyright

2150P Copyright Compliance

2160 Computer Science

Instructional Organization

2200 School Year, Calendar, and Instructional Hours

2210-2210P School Closure

2220 Prekindergarten Programs

2230 Grade Organization

2240 Class Size

Programs and Services

2300 Guidance and Counseling

2305 Nutrition Services

2310 Nutrition Education

2315 Physical Activity Opportunities and Physical Education

2320 Health Enhancement Education

2325 Driver Training Education

2330 Community and Adult Education

2335 Digital Citizenship and Safety Education

2340 Controversial Issues and Academic Freedom

2340F Parental Opt-Out Form for Sex Education

2345 Speakers in the Classroom and at School Functions

2345P Controversial Speakers Procedure

2350 Student Religious Activity at School

2355 Release Time

2360 Interscholastic Activities

2370 Homebound, Hospital, and Home Instruction

2380 Elementary and Secondary Education Act Waiver

2385 Limited English Proficiency Program

2390 Migrant Education Program

2395 Idaho Digital Learning Academy Classes

Special or Alternative Instruction

2400-2400P Special Education (RESERVED)

2410-2410P Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

2420-2420P Title I Parental Involvement

2425 Parental Rights

2430 Gifted and Talented Program

2435 Advanced Opportunities

2440 Online Courses and Alternative Credit Options

2450 Contracted Student Services

Instructional Materials

2500 Library Materials

2510-2510P Selection of Library Materials

2520 Curricular Materials

2530 Learning Materials Review

2540 Selection, Adoption, and Removal of Curricular Materials

2545 Technology Advisory Council

2550 Field Trips, Excursions, and Outdoor Education

2560 Contests for Students

2570 Use of Commercially Produced Video Recordings

2570F Parental Opt-Out/Consent Form Regarding Movies

Grading and Promotion

2600 Promotion/Retention

2605 Advancement Requirements (6-9)

2610 Advancement Requirements (9-12)

2620 Grading and Progress Reports

2625 Parent-Teacher Conferences

2630 Homework


2700-2700P High School Graduation Requirements

2705 Military Compact Waiver

Alternative Mechanism to the Idaho Standards Achievement Tests

2710 (Online Assessment Portfolio)

2715 Secondary Route to Graduation

2720 Participation in Commencement Exercises


2800 Objectives

3000 Series-Students

Enrollment and Attendance

3000 Entrance, Placement, and Transfer

3010 Open Enrollment

3010P Open Enrollment Procedures

3010F Open Enrollment Application Form

3020-3020P Enrollment and Attendance Records

3030 Part-Time Attendance / Dual Enrollment

3040 Compulsory Attendance

3040F1 Compulsory Attendance Prosecutor Letter Form

3040F2 School Truancy Referral Form

3050 Attendance Policy

3060 Education of Homeless Children

3070 Students of Legal Age

3080 Nonresident Student Attendance Policy

3090 Foreign Exchange Students

3100 Programs for At-Risk/Disadvantaged Students

Student Rights and Responsibilities

3200 Student Rights and Responsibilities

3210 Uniform Grievance Procedure

3220 Student Use of Buildings: Equal Access

3225 Student Clubs: Equal Access

3225B Student Clubs: Background

3225F Student Club Risk Management Plan

3230 Student Government

3240 Student Publications

3250 Distribution and Posting of Materials

3255 Student Dress

3265 Student-Owned Electronic Communications Devices

3270 District-Provided Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks

3270P Acceptable Use of Electronic Networks

3270F Internet Access Conduct Agreement

3275 District Provided Mobile Computing Devices

3280 Equal Education, Nondiscrimination and Sex Equity

3281 Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

3285 Relationship Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

3290 Sexual Harassment/Intimidation of Students

3290F Harassment Reporting Form for Students

3295-3295P Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Cyber Bullying

3295F Complaint Form

3296 Bullying Awareness Week

3300 Drug Free School Zone

3305 Prohibition of Tobacco Possession and Use

3310 Gangs and Gang Activity

3320 Substance and Alcohol Abuse

3330 Student Discipline

3335 Academic Honesty

3340-3340P Corrective Actions and Punishment

3350 Detention

3360 Discipline of Students with Disabilities

3365 Student Sex Offenders

3370-3370P Searches and Seizure

3380 Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Participation Policy

3390 Extra- and Co-Curricular Chemical Use Policy

3400 Extracurricular Activities Drug-Testing Program

3400F Extracurricular Activity Consent Form

3410 School Sponsored Student Activities

3420 Student Fund Raising Activities

3430 Distribution of Fund Drive Literature through Students

3440 Student Fees, Fines and Charges/Return of Property

3450 Student Vehicle Parking

3450F Student Vehicle Parking Application

3460 School-Related Foreign Travel by Students

Student Protection

3500 Student Health/Physical Screenings/Examinations

3505 Concussion Protocol

3505F1 Acknowledgement of Receipt of Concussion Guidelines

3505F2 Authorization to Return to Play or Participate in Student Sports

3510 Administering Medicines to Students

3510F1 Authorization for Self-Administered Medication

3510F2 Indemnification/Hold Harmless Agreement for Self-Administration of Medication

3515-3515P Food Allergy Management

3515 Background Food Allergy Management

3515F Emergency Care Plan

3520 Contagious or Infectious Diseases

3525 Immunization Requirements

3530 Suicide

3540 Emergency Treatment

3545 Student Interviews, Interrogations, or Arrests

3545F1 Student Arrest Form

3545F2 Student Interview Form

3550-3550P Removal of Student During School Hours

3560 Video Surveillance

3565 Termination of Driving Privileges

3570 Student Records

3570P Student Records (Maintenance of School Student Records)

Student Records (Notification to Parents and Students of Rights

3570F Concerning a Student’s School Records)

3575 Student Data Privacy and Security

3580 Relations with Non-custodial Parents

3610 Records of Missing Children

3620 Transfer of Student Records

4000 Series

5000 Series-Personnel

6000 Series-Administration

6000 Goals

6100 Superintendent

6100P Board/Superintendent Relations

6200 District Organization

Administrative Staff

6300 Duties and Qualifications of Administrative Staff Other Than Superintendent

6310 Employment Restrictions for Administrative Personnel

6320 Evaluation of Administrative Staff

6330 Professional Growth and Development

6400 Principals

7000 Series-Financial Management

7000 Goals


7100 Budget and Program Planning

7110 Budget Implementation and Execution

7120 Budget Adjustments

Accounting System

7200 Accounting System Design

7210 Fixed Assets and Management Discussion and Analysis (GASB Statement 34)

7215 Fund Accounting System (GASB Statement 54)

7220 Documentation and Approval of Claims

7225 Financial Fraud and Theft Prevention

7230 Financial Reporting and Audits

7235 Fiscal Accountability and IDEA Part B Funds

7240, 7240B, & 7240P Federal Impact Funds

7260 Student Activity Funds

7270 Property Records

7300 Revenues

7305 Investment of Funds

7310 Advertising in Schools/Revenue Enhancement

7320 Allowable Uses for Grant Funds


7400 Purchasing

7400P Procurement Under a Federal Award

7400F Time and Effort Documentation

7405 Public Works Contracting and Procurement

7407 Public Procurement of Goods and Services

7410 Petty Cash Funds

7420 Personal Reimbursements

7430 Travel Allowances and Expenses

7440 District Credit Cards

7440F District Credit Card Holder Agreement

7450 Federal Cash Management


7500 New Fees or Increase of Fees

Financial Emergency

7600 Declaration of Financial Emergency

7600FA1 Declaration of Financial Emergency Resolution Form

7600FA2 Declaration of Financial Emergency Resolution Form

7600P Declaration of Financial Emergency Procedure


7700 Bond Account

7710 Bond Continuing Disclosure and Certification Requirements

8000 Series-Non Instructional Operations

8000 Goals

8100 Transportation

8105 Extracurricular Transportation

8105P Extracurricular Transportation Discipline

8105F Extracurricular Transportation Liability Waiver

8110 Safety Busing

8115 Hours of Service of Drivers

8120 Bus Routes, Stops, and Non-Transportation Zones

8130 Transportation of Students with Disabilities

8140 Student Conduct on Buses

8150 Unauthorized School Bus Entry

8160 Contracting for Transportation Services

8170 & 8170P District-Owned Vehicles

8180 Driver Training and Responsibility

8185 Use of Wireless Communications Devices by Bus Drivers

8190 Emergencies Involving Transportation Vehicles

8195 District Vehicle Idling


8200 Local School Wellness

8210 District Nutrition Committee

8220 Food Services

8230 Nutrition Standards

8235 Water Consumption/Water Bottle Policy

8240 School Meals

8250 Guidelines for Food and Beverages Sales

8270 Teacher to Student Incentive


8300 & 8300P1 Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness

8300P2 Explosion or Fallen Aircraft Procedure

8300P3 Hazardous Material Spill

8300P4 Bomb Threat

8300P4F Bomb Threat Report Form

8300P5 Violent or Criminal Behavior

8300P6 Earthquake

8300P7 Severe Weather Emergency: Tornado or Lightning Procedure

8300P8 Natural Gas Leak

8300P9 Broken Water Main

8310 & 8310P Automated External Defibrillators

8310F1 Automated External Defibrillators – Certified Users Form

8310F2 Automated External Defibrillators – Inspection and Inventory Form

8310F3 Automated External Defibrillators – Incident Report Form

8320 Fire Drills and Evacuation Plans

8320P Emergency Drills, Rules, and Procedures

8500 Risk Management

8510 District Safety

8520 Inspection of School Facilities

8530 Property Damage

8600 Records Management

8605 Retention of District Records

8610 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

8700 Computer Software

9000 Series-School Facilities

9000 Goals

9100 Acquisition, Use, and Disposal of School Property

9200 Contractor License, Surety Bonds, and Insurance

9300 Operation and Maintenance of District Facilities

9400 Safety Program

9500 Security

9600 Facilities Operations

9610 Waste Management and Recycling

9700 District-Wide Asbestos Program

9705 Hazard Mitigation – Chemistry Lab Disposal

9800 Naming of School Facilities

9805 Memorials on School Grounds